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Gretton Court Nursing Home

At Gretton Court, the wellbeing and happiness of our residents is our number one priority, and we promote this in all areas of the home. Gretton Court is tastefully decorated with the needs of people with dementia in mind. All of our facilities and colour schemes have been designed to be ‘dementia friendly,’ in order to promote the emotional wellbeing and independence of our residents. We have a dedicated activities room, and coordinator, to engage our guests in fun and meaningful activities if they wish to participate. Gretton Court also has a dedicated hairdressing salon for regular pamper sessions, and a tea room which has been designed to encourage residents to live an independent lifestyle. One of the highlights of Gretton Court is our beautifully planted and enclosed garden. This allows our residents to go outside as they please, whilst families have the knowledge that their loved one is in a safe environment. The garden provides a peaceful retreat for our residents where they can engage with the home’s rabbit and local wildlife. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of care, and have completed specialist training around working with people with dementia in a meaningful and compassionate way. Our team of nurses and care staff are dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming home for our residents, and we always have a nurse on duty.

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The Hospital of God


Physical Environment Accessibility

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Our corridors and toilets are wide enough for walking frames and wheelchairs and we have suitably adapted toilets and bathrooms that are well signed and in easy reach of bedrooms and living areas. There are hand rails throughout the building to aid mobility and we have a range of equipment to assist people who require a higher level of support.

All of our residents have a single room and we encouraged people to bring in some of their own possessions and some small items of furniture to personalise the room and give the person a feeling of ownership. Staff respect people's rights to privacy, and knock on bedroom, bathroom and toilet doors to gain approval before entering.

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Other Accessibility

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We discuss religious and cultural preferences and need with potential residents and their families prior to admission and try to ensure their needs are met by incorporating them into the care plan. We also ask the resident or their families to complete a One Page Profile setting out their needs in order to personalise their care.

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If you or your relative is interested in a place at Gretton Court or Home Manager, Andrea Atkinson will meet with you to talk about care needs and the services that we provide.

Amongst the areas that Andrea will discuss are:

• Personal care needs, physical and mental well being
• Maintaining links with family and community
• Personal independence while living with us and how we make sure that you can continue to do as much as you can for yourself
• Any particular needs relating to medication, falls, continence, mental condition or mobility
• Hobbies and interests