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Service summary

Positive Support in Tees CIC

Positive Support For You CIC operates throughout the North East of England.
We started supporting people in 2011, solely within the Teesside area. We were called 'Positive Support in Tees Community Interest Company'.

In 2016 our name changed to reflect the specialised and person centered support we can offer to people in the wider region.
We passionately believe that all people with disabilities have a rightful place as valued citizens within their community.

Most of our services involve the development of Supported Living.
Staff teams are matched at recruitment to meet individual needs, and wherever possible we involve service users, family and advocates in that process.

We do not directly provide housing but we work closely with a range of housing providers to help people get the home they need and want. A person may live alone, with relatives or other people of their choice.

Support may be offered for a variety of daily/weekly hours, but often on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. This will be tailored to individual needs and choices. We may directly provide all of this support and enable individuals to access activities of their choice during the week. We work in partnership with other organisations (e.g. work placements and community based centres).

We can also support the use assistive technology to promote people's independence and offer a less intrusive and more cost effective support experience.


Physical Environment Accessibility

Are your premises accessible?
Further details about your premises' accessibility

Community support and own home based. Disabled access at office location.

Is there accessible parking on site?

Yes - at office location

Do you have accessible/disabled toilets?


Other Accessibility

Could you provide a BSL interpreter?
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We would source when appropriate

You you cater for religious/cultural needs?
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Person centred approach to all support

Is a referral required to access your service?
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Either referral through professional or self-referral available