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Hartlepool Action Recovery Team (HART) (Substance Misuse Service) Adult Service


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Hartlepool Action Recovery Team (HART)
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Whitby Street
TS24 7AB

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HART (Hartlepool Action Recovery Team) consists of two services. Addaction provides the clinical interventions including substitute prescribing where appropriate and HBC (Hartlepool Borough Council) offer support via Neurological, Biological, Psychological and sociological interventions. The aim of the service is to build resilience and support in their own communities so that clients have that continued support when they leave substance misuse services.

HART adult service takes referrals from adults over the age of 18 with substance misuse issues. Referrals are accepted by telephone, letter and in person, from voluntary/professional organisations and individual within Hartlepool. During referral stage we discuss what support HART can provide and make a further appointment to complete a comprehensive assessment.

At assessment stage we provide:
• Confidential service
• Harm minimisation advice and support
• Discuss treatment options available
• Identify Physical, psychological & social needs
• Signpost to onward agencies if identified need.

Following assessment clients will be allocated a key worker depending on the needs identified through assessment. Clients will then have an additional appointment with either the NBPS or addaction team, where support will commence.

What is NBPS?
NBPS (Neurological, Biological, Psychological, Sociological)
NBPS attempts to avoid understanding “addiction” from a purist or unitary view thus missing other key components. Addiction –complex – multidimensional: NBPS provides an opportunity to view addiction this way; it explores how addiction cannot be viewed solely as a behavioural, biological, genetic, or physiological problem.

NBPS groups include:
• Acupuncture –Is a therapeutic alternative therapy, which if successful can reduce anxiety, help with sleep and relaxation. Support motivation in recovery and help people deal with urges and cravings.
• CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) – Supporting individuals on how to manage and communicate with their loved ones prior to treatment/engagement.
• Food & Mood –Supports individuals to create a meal each week. These meals are designed to help support with an increase of dopamine and support a healthy lifestyle.
• Introduction to thinking skills – Thinking skills uses CBT tools in order to support individuals to explore negative thinking and negative self beliefs.
• Mindfulness – Is used to help low mood and anxiety through guided meditation and learning to be in the present moment
• Mutual aid – Is a group with peer support
• PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms) – Involves looking at acute withdrawal and how long acute withdrawal lasts for different substances, the effects of acute withdrawal and coping strategies to help deal with withdrawal symptoms.
• SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) - Advocates choice, so that those seeking recovery can choose what works best for them from a ‘toolbox’ of methods and approaches used in meetings.
• Understanding your addiction – Explores a lower level on NBPS and some of the theory behind the current model we work within.

What is Addaction?
Addaction help people change their behaviour to become the very best that they can be. It could be their drug or alcohol use or worries about their mental health – we support people to making lasting change in their lives.
Addaction deliver 81 services across England and Scotland. In 2017 we supported 140,000 people. We work with adults and young people, in community settings, in prisons, in residential rehab and through outreach.
Addaction believe that everyone can change and we support them to do it. We empower people to be successful, to make positive changes and to take back control over their lives. We ensure that children, young people and adults are firmly at the heart of what we do and why we do it.
Underpinning this are our values:
• Compassionate: we will not judge anyone that seeks help from our services. We will listen carefully to each person and respond to their situation with honesty and understanding.
• Determined: we believe that people can change with the right support and treatment. We will not give up on anyone and our staff will go the extra mile to achieve success for all our service users.
• Professional: all our staff are fully qualified to offer the best services to individuals and their families. We will always aim to continually improve our services and work in partnership with other agencies to ensure successful outcomes for all.

Addaction bring all of these values together to continually improve our effectiveness and productivity.

HBC offers additional support alongside NBPS, this includes:
• Community Development and Reintegration team
• Housing, Employability and skills liaison officer
• CJIT (Criminal Justice Intervention Team) Team
• CRAFT Team (Community Reinforcement and Family Training Team)


Types of Service Provided
Keeping Safe Keeping Healthy
Client Groups Served
Learning Disability Mental Health Physical Disability Substance Misuse
Age Ranges Served
18-24 25-49 50-64 65+

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Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 9am - 8pm
Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm


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HART adult service takes referrals from adults over the age of 18 with substance misuse issues. Referrals are accepted by telephone, letter and in person, from voluntary/professional organisations and individual within Hartlepool.

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