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Service summary

West Villas

At West Villas we provide support for people with learning disabilities. There are plenty of activities locally, such as a sports centre, community centre and a variety of clubs to get involved with. Our lovely property consists of two adjoining bungalows with a spacious garden to encourage outdoor activities. Voyage provides innovative support and care solutions for people with learning and physical disabilities, autism, head and spinal injuries, mental health needs and a wide range of complex needs. These high quality person-centred services range from individual support packages at home to supported living and specialised residential care.

Service provider

Voyage Care


Physical Environment Accessibility

Are your premises accessible?
Further details about your premises' accessibility

We consist of 2 and 3 bedroom bungalows which are wheelchair accessible and have handrails throughout. We have a wet room to enable access to a shower and a high/low bath.

Is there accessible parking on site?

Few spaces for off street parking at the side of the premises.

Other Accessibility

You you cater for religious/cultural needs?
Is a referral required to access your service?
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Referral through social worker or M.D.T is required to access moving into West Villas