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Education and Services for People with Autism Limited is a Registered Charity and has been supporting people on the autism spectrum since 1988, enabling people across the autism spectrum to enjoy rewarding and fulfilling lives. We respect and embrace each person’s uniqueness and aim to enable everyone to learn to live a more independent and autonomous future of their choice. Our highly trained staff have an outstanding understanding of autism spectrum conditions and associated or additional disabilities or difficulties. These include learning disabilities, behaviours that challenge, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, mental health issues, epilepsy and a range of other health conditions. ESPA Limited provide a continuum of high quality specialist: residential, further educational, day services and domiciliary services across the north east of England, designed to meet the needs of individuals with an autistic spectrum disorder and related conditions. ESPA Domiciliary Agency is committed to providing each individual with high quality personal care and support that is autism specific, person centred, flexible and responsive. We aim to enable people to live as independently as possible within their home and to fulfil their rights as citizens in the community. Support can be provided: into a person's home, into a person's own tenancy or a house they share with others, to take holidays and short breaks, to access a range of community activities including educational courses, work placements and social activities as examples. Our support services are all based on our core principles and values. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder underpins every aspect of the agency's work. Many of the individuals supported by ESPA have additional or associated disabilities or difficulties and staff are skilled in meeting people's varied needs. Specialist clinical and multi-disciplinary support is available on an individual basis.

Service provider

Education and Services for People with Autism Ltd


Physical Environment Accessibility

Is there accessible parking on site?

Parking facilities are available at our head office in Sunderland. There is a public car park close to our office in Middlesbrough

Other Accessibility

You you cater for religious/cultural needs?
Please give further details

ESPA have a robust referral and assessment process which would identify any specific religious or cultural needs. Where necessary, training would be provided to the staff team in order that they would be well equipped to support as required.

Is a referral required to access your service?
Please give further details

Initial referrals can be made by telephone, in a letter, via email, in person by the individual themselves or their representative i.e. Family member, advocate, social worker. Any enquiries received will be followed up by ESPA's Development Manager and the referral process will be fully explained. How quickly a service can be provided will vary depending on the nature of the support being requested. In order that ESPA continue to deliver high quality services, we operate a comprehensive recruitment procedure when recruiting staff. Details would be provided at the point of referral.