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Service summary

Elwick Grange Care Centre

Elwick Grange is a modern, purpose-built home close to the centre of Hartlepool where residents enjoy superb care in relaxing surroundings.

Our team provides high quality dementia care for up to 60 older people. We receive the latest training in dementia, which gives us deep insights into what it may be like to live with this condition. It also shows us the importance of being ‘in the moment’ with residents who have dementia.

Elwick Grange has a very friendly, homely atmosphere. Our team members care for residents like they would do members of their own family - we build strong bonds with everyone we care for. We always start by finding out everything we can about your loved one, understanding their care needs as well as the foods they like to eat and how they spend their time. We capture everything in a life story book, which we also update with the activities and memories they make during their time with us. Living at Elwick Grange is all about enjoying fun and fulfilling times.

Throughout the home are thoughtful touches to support residents who are living with dementia. There’s a memory box outside each bedroom to display items that are personal to the individual. This helps to orientate the resident to their room, while promoting meaningful conversations between residents and colleagues.

We’ve also adapted areas of our dementia suite to created themed spaces, including a flower garden and a sweet shop. Residents can explore these areas as they wish, enjoying meaningful activity.

Service provider

Care UK

Client Groups Served

  • Older Person
  • Parent / Carer


  • Elwick Grange is continuously striving to provide excellent affordable personalised care at the heart of the community we serve. Costs vary depending on individual care needs please enquire directly to the home to get the correct cost for the service you require.


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There is a ramp leading from the car park to the front entrance and low kerbs to allow wheelchair users full access to the grounds and front entrance. There is a lift which enables access to all areas of the home and there are handrails throughout the building. Hearing induction loop services are available upon request.

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