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Service summary

South Highnam

At South Highnam we support eight people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and complex needs. We can support individuals who have autism, and epilepsy and who may show behaviours that challenge. We support everyone to build independence and living skills and make decisions, offering plenty of choices. Each individual is at least partly responsible for looking after their own room and everyone is involved in staff interviews. One resident particularly enjoyed taking part in fire awareness training. Everyone has input into menus and the décor of the home. Voyage Care provides innovative support and care solutions for people with learning and physical disabilities, autism, head and spinal injuries, mental health needs and a wide range of complex needs. These high quality person-centred services range from individual support packages at home to supported living and specialised residential care.

Service provider

Voyage Care


  • Costs vary depending on individual needs.


Physical Environment Accessibility

Are your premises accessible?
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Hoists, changing bed, high/low changing bed ramps to front and back

Is there accessible parking on site?

Parking to the front of the building

Other Accessibility

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