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Hartlepool People


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Hartlepool People's Centre
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Raby Road
TS24 8AH

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Lin Craddy

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Hartlepool People is a registered independent charity and company limited by guarantee. Set up in 1983. Since then we have managed a large town centre based community building providing space and facilities for local volunteer and community sector organisation and individual as well as statutory and other agencies. Hartlepool People Centre provides a venue for individuals, statutory and voluntary organisations provide services aimed at tackling this problem of isolation, poor health, low income, poor education attainment and the high level of worklesness prevalent in the town. Hartlepool People's ethos ensures the delivery of those activities that enable the individual to grow both economically and spiritually by raising self-esteem, confidence and a sense of self worth. Hartlepool People have provided a wide range of activities and services that are of benefit to the people of the town in particular the most marginalised groups. Hartlepool People centre was the first community centre of its kind in Hartlepool and has been working with the community for 31 years. Our centre has a good reputation and is well known throughout the town as a place where people who need help can go to get it. Many organisations who work with marginalised groups, including substance misuse (drugs, alcohol, solvents etc) and subsequent mental health issues, people on low incomes, people who have been the victims of crime, people who are lonely and depressed, have in the past, or currently do run their support activities from Hartlepool People's Centre. We also run a wide range of activities both educational and recreational e.g. Start IT, language classes, art, job club. We are also the base for Alcoholics Anonymous. Our community room is open for all, offers books and magazines for people to sit, and is a great meeting place for people who are lonely and live in isolation.

Client Groups Served
Learning Disability Long Term Condition Mental Health Physical Disability
Age Ranges Served
18-24 25-49 50-64 65+

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Activities are from Ј1.00 - Ј4.00

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Mon - Thurs 9am - 9pm, Friday 9am - noon


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