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Maternity at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust

Expecting a baby is a very exciting time, and now you can choose where your child is brought into the world.

We have given you some information here about the options available to you so that you can discuss them further with your midwife, partner and family.It may be possible for your care to be co-ordinated by the same small team of midwives, offering continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, birth and afterwards.

We currently offer Continuity of Carer pathways, according to the NHS long term plan, for groups of low risk women, pregnant teenagers, those women who may have a booked caesarean section and diabetic mothers. Please ask your community midwife if you can benefit from this care.

You can have your baby:

at home
at the maternity unit under midwife led or consultant led care at the University Hospital of North Tees maternity unit
You can now take a virtual tour of our maternity services at University Hospital of North Tees.
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If you decide to deliver at home and there are any complications you will be transferred to University Hospital of North Tees by ambulance. We are therefore reliant on the ambulance service and its response times for the speed of the transfer.

The University Hospital of North Tees is a teaching hospital and students may be present. If you do not wish a student to be involved in your care please could you let you midwife know.

You can download a handy digital interactive booklet from the NHS Pregnancy and Birth Choices in the North East and North Cumbria website featuring key information and advice to better understand the choice of available birthplace settings and recording decisions and notes as your pregnancy progresses.

What are the main things I need to consider when deciding where I want my baby to be born?

There are important factors that you need to consider when making your decision. These include:

your safety
the safety of your baby
your own personal choice
where you will feel most comfortable, confident, relaxed and in control of your labour and delivery
the facilities you may require for birth
Your community midwife will assess your needs to advise if you are low risk and under the care of a midwife for your pregnancy or high risk requiring a consultant obstetrician for your pregnancy care and/or labour. Your midwife will discuss the reasons for the options available to you when discussing your choices.

Choices you make during your early pregnancy may be affected by any problems that develop during your pregnancy. If any of these affect your choices then these will be discussed with you by your midwife or obstetric doctor.

HypnoBirthing and active birthing
We’re offering HypnoBirthing and active birth classes for expectant mothers and their partners, to help women have a more relaxing and comfortable birth by using self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Simple guidance for parents
Every month a few healthy babies are admitted to the neonatal unit due to low blood sugar levels and/or a low temperature.

Here are some simple steps to help prevent this.

Pregnancy and birth choices app
This useful app has been developed by the Northern England Clinical Networks for the Local Maternity Systems in collaboration with women and families.

The app gives mums-to-be across the North East access to information they might require throughout their pregnancy and after their baby is born. Providing key information and advice, it aims to help expectant mums make informed choices about their birth from trusted NHS sources, all in one place, and right at their fingertips.

The Pregnancy and Birth Choices App can be downloaded on to a device.

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