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Warm Up Hartlepool

Warm Up Hartlepool aims to help householders in the borough access a range of energy efficiency measures that could help to make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat. The scheme is a joint initiative between Hartlepool Borough Council, home insulation company J&J Crump & Sons Ltd and 0800 Repair, a provider of gas repair and installation services. Hartlepool Borough Council is working with two installers across the Borough to help residents access funding to make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat. •J & J Crump & Son Ltd are working in Hart, De Bruce, Jesmond, Headlands & Harbour, Victoria and the West Park area of Rural West •0800Repair are working in Seaton, Fens & Rossmere, Manor House, Burn Valley, Foggy Furze and Rural West Hartlepool residents can soon expect to receive letters through their doors from either J&J Crump & Sons Ltd or 0800 Repair, which will provide more information about the scheme, list the eligibility criteria and also the various ways in which they can apply. For many residents, the energy efficiency measures will be free.