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Service summary

Employment Futures

Autism Specialist

What if we told you that right now in the North-east we are sitting on a goldmine of skills, labour and untapped potential?
If such a wealth of resource existed shouldn’t we do everything we can to unleash that talent?

Of course! Which is why Employment Futures was established.

When a recent report revealed that more than 70% of adults with an autism spectrum condition (ASC), regardless of qualifications, couldn’t find suitable employment, we knew we had a gap to fill.

Now having expanded our reach to also support people with learning or other disabilities, we offer three streams of support to enable young people and adults, with a desire to achieve in the workplace, to find the right opportunities and help employers access those previously under-used skills and talents.

Whether the need is Support in Employment, Support for Employers or Support to Find Employment we are working with hundreds of businesses from across the region to find the best matches for our clients and for employers.

This unique, cross-sector, personalised approach means those seeking employment, those already in jobs and even their employers will gain confidence, skills and opportunity to realise their dreams and achieve their goals, in the right work environment.

Client Groups Served

  • Adult Working Age
  • Older Person


  • Support in Employment can often be provided free of charge via government funded Access to Work grant.