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Personal Budgets

A Personal Health Budget is an amount of money to support a person’s identified health and wellbeing needs. This is planned and agreed between the individual, their representative, or, in the case of the child, their families or Carers and the local NHS Team. It is not new money, but is money that would normally have been spent by the NHS on a person’s care, spent more flexibly to meet their identified needs. The use of Personal Health Budgets is one way in which the NHS can tailor services and support for people to enable them to have choice, control and flexibility over their care. You'll be given a personal budget to spend if your local council decide you're eligible for help with any social care and support you need. You can request an assessment from the council to establish your needs. The money in your personal budget can be paid to you, to help you make more decisions about how it's spent. This is known as a direct payment. What is a personal budget? Your personal budget is the amount of money your local council will pay towards any social care and support you need. The amount of money in your personal budget is decided by your local council after a needs assessment to work out: • what kind of care and support you need • how much it will cost • how much you're able to afford yourself Carers and personal budgets - If you're a Carer, you may be entitled to receive a personal budget after having a Carer’s assessment to see what might help make your life easier. A Carer’s assessment is free and anyone over 18 can ask for one. Choosing how to receive your personal budget - You can ask the council to either: • manage your personal budget for you • pay the money to another organisation – such as a care provider • pay the money directly to you or someone you choose – this is known as a direct payment You can also choose a combination of these options. For example, the council could arrange some of your care but send you the rest of the money. This is often called a mixed package or "mix and match". If the council manages your money - The money in your personal budget will be spent for you by the council. They will arrange all your care and support based on your agreed care plan. They still need to check you're happy with the care they're arranging for you. If your money is paid to another organisation - The organisation you choose, such as your care provider, will speak to the council and arrange the payments. Sometimes other organisations charge you extra money to arrange payments from the council. Personal Budgets at Hartlepool Borough Council - Personal Budgets are a key part of person centered care and support. A personal budget is the mechanism that in conjunction with a plan enables the child/adult and their advocate, if they have one, to exercise greater choice and control over how their care and support needs are met. It is crucial the process for establishing a personal budget is transparent and robust so that people can easily understand how their personal budget has been calculated and feel confident that the allocation is correct to meet their care and support needs. Who can receive a Personal Budget? • Parents of a child/young person with a disability • Older people (aged 65 or over) • People with disabilities who are aged over 16 • Unpaid Carers aged 16 and over, including those with parental responsibility for a child with a disability Managing a Personal Budget - There are different ways in which a personal budget can be managed: • The family/individual can choose to take the personal budget as a direct payment and manage it themselves (with options for support to do this available) • The family/individual can ask the local authority to manage it on their behalf • The family/individual can choose to have a mix of the options, part direct payment and part organised by the local authority In Hartlepool there is a support/brokerage service who can manage the personal budget on the families' behalf. In all instances, there should be a common approach to personal budgets that: • Everyone including families understands; • Any funding identified as part of a potential personal budget can be taken as a direct payment, and • The allocation of a potential personal budget will relate to amount of support the individual child needs to achieve identified outcomes. For more information please speak to your social worker if you have one.

Service provider

Hartlepool Borough Council

Client Groups Served

  • Older Person
  • Parent / Carer
  • SEND Local Offer

Age Ranges Served

  • Early Years (0-5)
  • Primary (6-11)
  • Secondary (12-16)
  • Moving On (17-25)


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