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Service summary

Care to Learn

Care to Learn provides financial support for teenage parents who want to continue in, or return to learning. It helps with the cost of their childcare and travel.

If you are:
• under 20 years old on the day the learning starts
• attending school, 6th forms, Colleges of Further Education and any learning provider delivering courses with some public funding e.g from: the Learning Skills Council, Local Government or the EU
• on Entry to Employment or with a work based learning provider with non-employed status

Care to Learn will pay up to £160 per child per week (£175 in London) to cover the cost of:
• childcare while you learn, are on placement, doing private study or travelling to/from your childcare provider
• any registration fees (up to £80) and any deposit normally charged (up to £250)
• a childcare taster and/or settling your child in before the learning starts
• childcare fees you may need to pay during holidays
• additional travel costs you may have to pay in order to take your child to the childcare provider

The childcare provider will receive payment direct from Care to Learn. Any funding to help with travel costs will be paid directly to the learning or training provider regularly and they will reimburse you.

For more information go to the website.

Service provider

Care to Learn

Client Groups Served

  • Children and Young People
  • Adult Working Age


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