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Service summary

The Percy Hedley Foundation

We provide a wide range of high quality, specialist and personalised care and education support to disabled people and their families.

We meet the needs of disabled people with cerebral palsy, communication impairments, sensory impairments and complex learning, social care and therapeutic needs.

We offer a wide range of services to children, young people and adults. Our education services include Hedleys Percy Hedley School, Hedley’s Northern Counties School, Hedleys College and residential and respite care for all ages.

Adult services include residential services and an ever increasing variety of Hedleys Able 2 day opportunities.

We also run an Employability Project, Hedleys Employability which works with employers to improve employment opportunities for disabled people.
Four areas of service are:
• Percy Hedley School
• Northern Counties School
• Hedleys College
• Able 2 Social Activities

Service provider

The Percy Hedley Foundation

Client Groups Served

  • Parent / Carer
  • SEND Local Offer

Age Ranges Served

  • Early Years (0-5)
  • Primary (6-11)
  • Secondary (12-16)
  • Moving On (17-25)


Physical Environment Accessibility

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Other Accessibility

Could you provide a BSL interpreter?
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