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Service summary

St Helen's Primary School

I am very proud and extremely privileged to have been appointed as the Headteacher of St Helen’s Primary School. I am truly passionate about the education and potential of all our pupils.

Our school vision is;
To create a school that enables all pupils (no matter what background or starting point) to achieve their full potential and promotes the school as a beacon within the community, where aspirations are achieved and dreams are a reality for all pupils, staff and families

This will be achieved through a relentless focus on high-quality learning and teaching. All staff will be accountable for ensuring our pupils develop a love of learning and achieve their full potential. Individual strengths and needs will be recognised and learning will be personalised to meet those needs. Classrooms will be vibrant, engaging, supportive and welcoming and pupils will be proud of their work and their achievements.

Every parent/carer will feel valued and part of the whole school community and parents will be proud to send their children to St. Helen’s Primary School knowing that they are accessing excellent provision.

High aspirations and pupils will always remain at the ‘core’ of whatever we do and their academic, social and emotional well-being will always be of paramount importance to all stakeholders involved in St. Helen’s Primary School.

Service provider

St Helen's Primary School

Client Groups Served

  • Children and Young People

Age Ranges Served

  • Primary (6-11)


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