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Avondale Cheeky Monkeys Daycare Nursery

Cheeky Monkeys is a private day nursery owned by Dyke House College and situated next to the Avondale Centre. The nursery opened in January 2012 and can take up to 37 children per day. We have created a home from home environment. We ensure all children are able to develop in a caring and considerate environment where the staff and the children are all valued for their contribution to nursery life. Children have access to an enclosed outside area which they will access on a daily basis, to extend the children's learning we are able to use Avondale's large hall and ICT suite. All children have full access to the Early Years Foundation Stage and are observed and assessed on a weekly basis. We are able to adapt and meet every child's need from dietary requirements to Special Educational Needs (SEN) The home corner - perfect opportunity for the children to demonstrate their knowledge of home life and use real life objects such as real food and metal appliances. We also have a cooking activity once a week were children help to make all different foods from cakes to pizza’s. Story corner - opportunity for the children to discover new words and pictures whilst reading books and learning new words. Construction corner – this area consists of a construction site with large wooden building blocks where children can use their imaginations to make various models. Sand has also been introduced to this area along with diggers and other vehicles which can be seen on a contruction site. Imaginative play - this area promotes imaginative play using dressing up materials and puppets, this also helps develop their independence for dressing and undressing themselves Baby room - this is our baby area base which is from 0-2 years (dependent on when your baby is confident in walking) we take a maximum of 12 baby's in here per day. It is a very relaxed and calming room which provides lots of stimulation for babies 0 - 2 years. Creative area - this area is for the children to be creative using lots of resources. This area also has a water trough and sand area which is out at all times. All activities are child led with adult interactions and planned activities in accordance to the EYFS.

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Avondale Cheeky Monkeys Daycare Nursery


  • £22.00 Per AM
    £22.00 Per PM
    £34.00 PER DAY
    £6.00 PER HOUR
    £170.00 PER WEEK

    Term time retainer – half weekly fee
    5 hours flexi – any 5 hours £22.00
    10% discount for northern education trust staff


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