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At Footsteps we understand that adolescence can be a stressful time and that lots of young people can feel low or anxious at times. We have a range of services to suit your needs and can book you into these when you are seen in clinic.

Our doctors are all GPs who are able to take care of any of your medical needs, from a sore throat to things that might be making you feel stressed or anxious.

Counselling at Footsteps will give you a safe, private and confidential place to talk, and be listened to. You will not be judged, shamed or turned away. Your counsellor will help you work through your worries, at your pace, without any pressure and for as long as it takes.

Footsteps have a number of skilled practitioners who can help you in all areas of your emotional wellbeing. These all offer appointments to be seen in the clinic and can tailor treatment to your individual needs.

Footsteps offer fully confidential advice and treatment around sexual health and contraception needs.

Our youth workers are available to greet you when you arrive - on your first visit they will ask you a few simple questions to gain some understanding of the reason for your visit. This helps to direct you quickly to the best person to help you.

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Client Groups Served

  • Children and Young People
  • Parent / Carer


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