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University Hospital of Hartlepool - Speech and Language Therapy for Children

We work with children and young people, from birth to 19 years old, who have speech, language and communication needs or difficulties with eating, drinking and swallowing.
As well as occurring on their own, these difficulties are common in children who have other diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties or cerebral palsy. Speech, language and communication needs might include difficulties in:
• making the sounds needed for your speech to be understood by other people
• putting words and sentences together to ask for something, tell a story or hold a conversation
• making sense of what other people say to you
• understanding and using body language and eye contact
A child or young person might also be:
• stammering, where sounds or words are repeated or a lot of effort is needed to produce them
• avoiding talking in certain situations
• speaking with a persistently unusual voice quality, which might sound croaky, breathy or hoarse
As well as working directly with children and young people we support their families and Carers, their teachers and other adults around them. We aim to help children to develop their best possible communication skills, taking into account their individual abilities and needs. Most importantly we look at the impact of the communication difficulty on the child, their life and their family, aiming to find ways of reducing the impact as much as possible.
We also aim to help educate the wider population to understand and promote children’s language and communication development, and we provide training and support to a wide range of professionals who work with children.
We have an open referral system, this means that:
• Parents and Carers can refer their child to us without going through their school, GP or any other service
• Young people can refer themselves to our service, if they are able to make that decision for themselves
• Any professional can make a referral to us as long as they have consent from parents or Carers, or the young person themselves if appropriate

Service provider

University Hospital of Hartlepool - Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Client Groups Served

  • Children and Young People
  • SEND Local Offer


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