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Sporting Force

Sporting Force is a registered charity that supports ex-service personnel that have been wounded, injured or become sick during their service. We offer them a route into civilian employment within the professional sports industry.
We help veterans and their families by offering education, exercise and social events to help relieve mental health and social isolation. All the opportunities we offer are inclusive and can be adapted to meet the needs of our disabled veterans.
Research has suggested that the two best self-help strategies are exercise and social support. For anxiety sufferers exercise helps reduce worry, panic and other symptoms. Sporting Force offers sport, exercise, camaraderie and being part of a team again, things that veterans all miss. We offer our services free of charge to both male and female veterans and their immediate families.
PTSD and mental health affect the whole family; we understand the pressures and pain involved. Making services open to partners of veterans and PTSD sufferers we offer access to support and opportunities for the families, an opportunity to meet others who understand what it’s like to care for their loved ones, giving the opportunity to mutually support each other. Families are so important to Service personnel after being injured. Many family members provide unpaid care for WIS. Research has shown that if a caregiver is well supported, then the recovery is improved.
Sporting Force offer the same services to immediate family members recognising that they also need the support and opportunities to reintegrate with life outside of the services.

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Sporting Force

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  • Adult Working Age
  • Older Person
  • Parent / Carer


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