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Armed Forces and Veterans

The first point of contact for anyone looking for information on a career in the Armed Forces.
If you’ve got questions about Army life, or want to chat to someone about whether joining the Army is right for you, you can talk to one of the Army's recruiters. You don't need an appointment but it’s best to phone ahead and arrange a time to talk to someone, as centres can get busy and you may have a long wait if you choose to drop in.

Joining the Army is a big decision to make, so it's important to make sure you know what we'll expect of you, and what you can expect of us, when you join. Take your time to learn about our standards, your commitment, women in the Army and the cultural and religious diversity within the Army.
Joining the Army involves making a commitment. It does take time to get used to Army life, but the Army will welcome you, train you and develop you.

Many officers and soldiers will tell you that Adventurous Training is one of the highlights of serving with the British Army. It is an important part of Army life. Not only does it build practical skills, but it's also great for improving teamwork. It's hard work, rewarding and fun - and you're paid to do it!

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Armed Forces Careers Office

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