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Military Preparation College

At the Military Preparation College, we provide routine, structure and discipline every day. We inspire all of our students to be the best that they can be and to live healthy lifestyles. We provide Grade 1 Ofsted training at every college location. Our students love coming to college and the outcomes and results our students achieve are outstanding.
Our instructors are role models and they support and mentor their students throughout the course. They also support with military applications as they have first-hand insight into the application process and life in the military. The instructors share their knowledge and experience to help students make informed choices about their future career opportunities. They physically train students every day to make sure they are fit enough to pass the entrance assessments for the British Armed Forces, including the Royal Marines. All students at the college are very well supported to achieve their career ambitions, be it in the military or in civilian employment.

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Military Preparation College

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  • Adult Working Age


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