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Service summary

Pathways to Independence

Pathways To Independence provides support to children and adults with additional needs and disabilities to access their local community. We provide a bespoke person centred service to enable people to take part in local social activities. We have our own drop in facility which allows individuals to meet up with friends in their local community.

We also work in partnership with Waverly Terrace allotment, an award winning site providing experience in horticulture.

Accredited qualifications can be gained as we work closely with Hartlepool Adult Education who provide weekly lessons in a number of areas including independent living skills including independent travelling, nervous about numbers and many creative courses.
Pathways To Independence works closely with individuals to identify their goals. We can work with people to provide arrange short breaks whether this be overnight stays or a week long holiday.
We are pleased to offer modern supported living apartments to enable individuals to hold their own tenancy. Allowing you to have full control and choice we will work with you and your team to create the right package of support for you.

Service provider

Springfield Home Care Services Limited


  • We have a pricing structure that will be discussed and agreed prior to accessing services


Physical Environment Accessibility

Are your premises accessible?
Further details about your premises' accessibility

Park Road is fully accessible with lift to all floors.

Is there accessible parking on site?


Do you have accessible/disabled toilets?


Other Accessibility

Could you provide a BSL interpreter?
Please enter any further notes about your ability to offer a BSL interpreter

If individuals require an interpreter this would be identified prior to access and suitable arrangements would be put in place.

You you cater for religious/cultural needs?
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All needs would be identified prior to service and suitable arrangements will be made to ensure individuals needs are met.

Is a referral required to access your service?
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A referral can be made via various methods. For example, a self referral by contacting our office on the phone number provided or by email, a family member, social worker, district nurse, community nurse, Continuing Health Care or a preferred representative.