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In Good Hands Deafblind Support Project (please refer to Hi-VisUK)

In Good Hands has closed and it's work is now continued by Hi-VisUK - see elsewhere on Hartlepool Now for details. In Good Hands is a BIG Lottery funded project to support local northeast organisations working with older people to extend their services to those older people living with dual sensory impairment (deafblindness). It offers FREE OCN training in bite-size one day/two-day sessions. It offers expert advice and support to providers and any organisation in contact with older people and their families. It offers resources including a simple to use tool to help providers identify their older people whose sight and hearing are both causing problems - very often this is unnoticed with damaging consequences. More details on our website.
We are working with Hartlepool Borough Council with the shared ambition of building the capacity of local organisations to make Hartlepool the best place in the country for older people with this condition. We will soon have an office in the new CIL in Hartlepool.

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In Good Hands Deafblind Support Project (please refer to Hi-VisUK)


  • Our services and support are fully funded by BIG Lottery and SCENE Enterprises CIC until October 2017. Very occasionally there is a cost we need to recoup but if this is the case we would work with the organisation to minimise that if at all possible.


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Currently we are on the ground floor with automatic doors to reception. There are no stairs or changes in level to our office.
When we move in to the CIL this will be fully accessible.

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