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Service summary

Foot Surgery - Podiatry Service

Our podiatry surgery team including podiatric surgeons, specialist podiatrists, theatre nurses and support staff will care for you if you need surgery for your foot problems.
We want to help to improve your quality of life.

We provide surgical treatment for a number of conditions including:
- hallux valgus (deformity of the big toe)
- hallux rigidus / limitus (arthritis of the main joint in the big toe / limited movement of the big toe joint)
- tailors bunions (a bump at the bottom of your little toe)
- hammer, clawed and other toe deformities
- Morton’s neuroma (a condition that affects the nerves which run between the long bones in the foot
- ganglions (fluid filled lumps near your joints)
- soft tissue lesions (a lump or bump on your foot)
- subungual exostosis (a non-cancerous bone growth)
- swollen nerves in the foot

You will have your surgery under local anaesthetic at One Life Hartlepool. You will be able to go home on the same day. We will talk to you about how you can help yourself through a rehabilitation programme, which will involve stretching and strengthening exercises and by helping you to choose the correct footwear.

After your treatment you will be asked to come to your follow up appointments in one of our outpatient clinics at either One Life Hartlepool or Lawson Street Health Centre in Stockton.
You will be referred to us by you GP or practice nurse.


Other Accessibility

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Anyone over the age of 14 requiring elective day surgery.