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If you have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes your GP will refer you to the hospital where a member of the diabetes specialist team will provide support, education and appropriate treatment to manage your condition.

Our team of doctors, specialist nurses, dietitians, podiatry and support staff will make sure you receive the best care.

You will see a dietitian who will help you with healthy eating. They will work with our diabetes specialist nurses to tailor an insulin routine to suit your lifestyle.

We know there is a lot to learn, so we will work with you over a number of weeks to help you manage and gain control of your diabetes to reduce the risk of any complications in the future.

If you have type 2 diabetes you will be referred to an education programme called DESMOND and managed by your GP and practice nurse. You may never need to attend our hospital service, but diabetes can be progressive and you may end up on injectable treatments.

We run a drop in clinic every Monday and Wednesday between 1pm and 2pm in main outpatients. You don’t need an appointment.

Diabetes specialist nurses can’t advise patients who are under the care of their GP.

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University Hospital of Hartlepool


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