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Service summary

Justice First

Justice First responds to the needs of people living in the Tees Valley area who are seeking asylum in the UK and who have initially been refused leave to stay here. People in this position may have a very good case for asylum, but have no recourse to legal aid and no access to benefits. They are legally prevented from working and are therefore often destitute and desperate for help. We provide this help by assisting them to gather the evidence that they need to mount an appeal and offering access to practical help to meet basic needs. People come to Justice First with a wide range of problems and requests. For those whose applications have been rejected, but who have a reasonable prospect of being granted asylum, our focus is to help them to re-engage with the legal system by submission of a fresh claim, or further appeal/judicial review. Once a fresh claim or appeal is made, state support is reinstated. If successful, the asylum seeker can also seek work. Justice First provides a safe, welcoming environment that enables people to gain our trust, to tell their story and to access the advice and support that they need. Justice First also provides access to practical help, including food, clothing and a very limited amount of financial assistance, which comes from a separate fund. We also work in partnership with many other agencies who are supporting asylum seekers and we undertake educational work aimed at widening public understanding of the plight of asylum seekers.


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Our meeting rooms are downstairs as is one of our toilets. We do not have changing facilities, handrails or a ramp.

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We have a toilet that is accessible for those with disabilities but it is not specifically a disabled toilet.

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