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Dementia Friendly Schools

What is Dementia Friendly Hartlepool?

Hartlepool Dementia Friends Collaborative which is a multi agency group is working towards a Dementia Friendly Hartlepool.  The Dementia Friendly Hartlepool project aims to develop Hartlepool as a nationally recognised dementia friendly community.  We want to ensure that people living with dementia are able to remain active and involved in their communities.  The local community will be aware of and understand more about dementia.  People living with dementia and their carers will be encouraged to seek help and support.

Schools have been identified as an important part of supporting us to raise awareness of Dementia to staff, pupils and the wider communities that they serve.  By raising awareness it is hoped that it provides a network of 'Dementia Friends' who can understand and support those living with Dementia to remain active in their communities and have positive experiences especially through some intergenerational activity.

What does this mean for Schools?

Schools are invited to work towards becoming a Dementia Friendly School, to achieve this status there is a requirement to achieve a range of outcomes supported by partners and professionals.

Outcome Assessment Criteria
1. Teachers to attend Dementia Friends Sessions (appropriate attendees identified by each school). Register of attendees - minimum of 5 attendees preferred.
2. Dementia Friends session hosted by the school for members of the community. Register of attendees - minimum of 5 attendees preferred.
3. A selection of children will participate in a practical awareness session to become a Dementia Friend. Register of attendees - numbers can be flexible, recommneded for children in Years 3, 4, 5, or 6).
4. School to deliver one Dementia Awareness event per year.  (Schools can fundraise at the event and contribute to Dementia Friendly Hartlepool if they choose). Details and evidence (promotional material, photos, case study) of event and how many people engage.
5. School to deliver one intergenerational programme per year engaging those living with Dementia and their carers in their lcoal community. Details and evidence (promotional material, photos, case study) of event and how many people engage.
6. Schools to actively promote and support children to participate in annual Dementia Friendly Hartlepool competition. (Competition will change per year - logos, poster, story, etc). Entries from children.  A winner from each school will be selected and entered into the town wide competition.
7. School actively promotes their Dementia Friendly School status and raises awareness of what this means to children, their families and the community. Publicity (press releases, website, etc), Newsletters, displays in school, events.
8. Participate in the annual Schools Move a Memory Mile Walk. School registered and participates in walk.

What will your school receive as part of this?

  • Free access to awareness sessions for teachers, children and community.
  • Support and guidance to meet outcomes.
  • Support to establish links with other organisations to fulfil outcomes, e.g. Residential Homes and Sheltered Housing.
  • Access to national and local promotional materials.
  • Certification presented to all schools to identify that they are a Dementia Friendly School.
  • Publicity to recognise the achievements of the school throughout the process.
  • Celebration event annually to recognise good practice and recognise achievement.

Key dates:

There are key promotional campaigns annually that may support schools to consider what they could link into however all year promotion is welcome.

  • Dementia Awareness Week 
  • World Alzheimer's Day - 21st September each year
  • Dementia Friends Champion Training

What next:

Your school can express their interest by contacting or 01642 368354.

Schools will be recruited between September and December per year and timeframes for achievement of outcomes can be flexible based on the requirements of the school.

NB: Please note criteria may be subject to change and schools will be priorities on a first come first served basis when it comes to booking sessions, etc.  All schools will be accepted and receive what has been outlined about but availability will be reduced based on when schools sign up therefore it is recommended to express your interest as early as possible.


Please note: The content in this article is over one year old, there may be newer guidance available.

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