created by Rachel Hogg published on 16 January 2017

The North of Tees Dementia Collaborative are asking for volunteers to either knit or crochet forget me not flowers to raise awareness of dementia.  Pattern can be provided.   

The flowers donated will be used in a display during Dementia Awareness Week (15-21 May 2017) with some being made into brooches. 

Any proceeds will go to Dementia Friendly Hartlepool and Dementia Friendly Stockton.

Please contact if you are interested.

The Flower

Could you use light blue/baby blue-mid blue for the petals and yellow for the centre.

It should look something like the photo.  If you type 'how to knit or crochet forget me not' into YouTube there are a couple of videos which talks you through making one.  Apparently they take about 15 mins to make.

To knit flower:

Cast on 40 stitches using 4mm needles and blue yarn Row 1: Knit Row 2: *Knit 1, cast off 6 stitches, repeat * till the end.

Use a yellow yarn, thread through the stitches then pull tight, sew around the middle to make the centre of the flower.

The crochet flower:

Using your yellow yarn ch4, sl st in 1st ch to form loop, crochet 10sc into loop, join blue yarn with sl st to join round - (10)

Round 2

*[1sc, 1dc, 1tr] in next st, ch1, sl st in previous tr, [1tr, 1dc, 1sc] in next st* repeat from * to * another 4 times until you have 5 petals, sl st in next st (same st as first half of first petal), fasten off and tie in all tails.

To make a brooch:

If you want to make your flower into a brooch, stick a piece of felt on the back and attach a small safety pin - any donations from the brooches will go towards Dementia Friendly Hartlepool.

Once your flowers are finished could you take them to The Bridge in Villiers Street (next to Mary Lamberts, used to be the Gemini Night Club) or Hartfields Retirement Village, Bishop Cuthbert please.

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