created by Incontrol-able published on 09 January 2017

First of all I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!!

How many of us have already ditched our New Year resolution?  At the moment, I'm hanging in there, but I'm trying  to beat my record of the 15th January!!  I'm trying to use the advice on this link to help me stay strong!!

Our recent launch of Project 65 was a resounding success and in the first seven weeks we received 24 referrals with an average age of 78!  If you would like to access this FREE service, please get in touch.

Whilst on the theme of technology, the BBC Click programme produced a special about how Assistive Technology can provide support to people of all abilities.  It is worth spending half an hour watching this link to see some of the amazing things that are going on and the impact it has on the lives of Disabled People:

I saw this article recently about how the Blue Badge Scheme is still being widely abused and that not all Local Councils are acting upon the misuse of the badges.  There is nothing more frustrating to find accessible parking bays and other places where they are valid being used by people who are abusing the system.  It would be interesting if anyone knew what the statistics are in our area?  Please follow this link to find out more:

Whilst on a roll, there is also an interesting article about how shops are not providing an equal service for their disabled customers.  I know from experience that some shops can be like an episode of the Krypton Factor when trying to do some shopping, check out this artcle:  

Have any of you seen the information that has recently been put out by Hartlepool Borough Council about their Local Plan?  This is your opportunity to take part in a consultation about how our town will be shaped over the coming years.  This link provides all the information you need about how you can participate for things like, planning, leisure and transport issues: I strongly recommend you take part in this consultation as it does impact on the lives of Disabled People in our town.

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed, see you next month!!

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