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'Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle'

OK, be honest, how many of us forgot to put our clocks back at the weekend!

We are pleased to announce today the launch of a brand new service in Hartlepool!  We are providing a new service that will enable Older People to access digital technology through the loan of a 'tablet' that will help reduce the impact of social isolation.  The new service is called 'Project 65'.  Hopefully, you will see us promoting Project 65 throughout the town very soon.  To refer to the service, please ring Sarah (Projects Team Leader) on 07775 081 351.

It seems fitting therefore to share some information specifically aimed at people with health conditions and Older People about two new 'Apps' that are available (don't worry about the jargon, we'll explain this to you when you loan out a 'tablet'!) and

It's good to see the Government reviewing how they carry out Work Capability Assessments and who they do them with Unfortunately, it came a few days too late for me as I recently attended my own Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment even though I work over 40 hours a week already!  Although the Assessor was very understanding, it wasn't the greatest experience of my life to date!

A lady called Kirsty Nicholson has written a poem called 'Shivers', about living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Listen to her reading and talking about her poem on BBC Ouch

Maintaining a cultural theme, why not read about Harry Giles asking the question - 'Can autistic people be extroverts?' Harry has Aspergers Syndrome

As a long-time football fan, I found this article about the lack of facilities for supporters with Disabilities really interesting, especially as it's about Premiership Clubs!  It just seems odd to me that even with all the equality legislation in place, never mind all the money floating around that this remains an issue.  I could write a book on this subject, maybe I will one day!

Our joke of the Day - How do astronomers organise a party?  They planet!

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed, see you next month!

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