created by Incontrol-able published on 05 October 2016

Let me be the first one to put a dampener on the end of Summer - just a quick reminder that the clocks go back at the end of this month and the dark nights are on their way!!

There is a new Helpline to ring if you have a power cut, and it is simply 105.  It is free to call from landlines and mobiles.  The following link provides further information, but hopefully you won't have to call!!

Did you know that Monday 10th October is World Mental Health Day?  There is a free event being held at the Borough Hall in Hartlepool between 1:00pm - 4:00pm on this date, where you will be able to find information about what support is available in Hartlepool for people experiencing a mental health issue(s); also for family members and friends.

A useful tool in supporting your emotional well-being is 'Mindfulness', so if you would like to learn more about living in the moment, then please follow the link.

It hurts me to admit this, but sometimes other people's blogs are better than mine!!  An organisation called 'Transport for All' ran a pilot project in September in London, that offered people with a hidden disability a badge saying - 'Please offer me a seat' that helped show other passengers on public transport why some people may need a seat, without the individual having to explain why they need it.  We will follow this site to see what the outcomes are.  If you think this is an idea that would work in Hartlepool and enough interest is shown, then maybe it is something we could all work together on?

You may have seen our Ricochet service being promoted in the recent addition of Hartbeat?  Our project loans out 'Tablets' to people who meet the eligibility criteria.  All of the information about our services can be found on Hartlepool Now website and also on the 'Hartlepool Now App', as well as our own website.  Check it out!!

Sadly, September saw the end of our 'In Your Dreams Project' that supported people living with Dementia, their family and carers.  We met some amazing people over the past year and we would like to share some of the stories that people have told us with you.  Please follow the link on the Hartlepool Now website, under the 'Dementia Friendly Hartlepool' section, or check out our own social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Joke of the Day - I offered the women next door £5 for a go on her stair lift, I think she is going to take me up on it!!

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed, see you next month!

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