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Promoting Change, Transforming Lives Project

Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm going to start updating you on my project.  The project aims to provide support to all people but in particularly those with mental health and learning difficulties.  Providing Therapeutic, Employment, Training and Commercial Support.

Well the project has been running now since January and there has been a lot of activity on the site.  The training room and toilets have all been placed on the site electricity, water and heating has been connected.  The plan for the site has been completed but will change as the site is developed.

Once a volunteer coordinator has been employed they will be on the site to support the volunteers and will also be working with employers to secure employment once volunteers have done the training and gain experience ready for work.

We are just in the process of developing the website, leaflets and signage but just for now I have put some photos on here for you to see the progress.

I will keep you all updated with progress and if anyone would like some more information please contact me on 01429 868616.

Click here to see photographs of Waverley Allotment.


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