created by Rachel Hogg published on 11 July 2016

Our aims are to:

  • raise awareness of the early signs and symptoms of cancer and some long-term conditions
  • let people know what NHS screening and health check programmes they are entitled to and where to get them
  • promote healthy living so that people reduce their risk of developing cancer and some long-term conditions

What you role as a volunteer would be:

  • putting up posters and display boards in your local area/workplace/community venue (with permission from the owner/manager)
  • chatting to friends, family and colleagues about what you've learnt
  • opportunity to attend training to learn more about the early signs and symptoms, NHS screening and health check programmes and importance of healthy living
  • changing display boards once a month to fit in with the campaign of the month
  • helping with community events to raise awarenes of relevant health issues

The volunteeering can take up as much or as little time as you would like to offer.  It could be as simple as putting a poster up in your workplace or attending community events to give information to people from that community.

If we all do a little bit we can make Teesside healthier.

If you're interested in volunteering get in touch with:

Katie Bannister - Macmillan Health Awareness and Early Diagnosis Facilitator on 07966 800931 /

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