created by Rachel Hogg published on 13 April 2016

On 29th March, CQC launched a campaign to encourage older people and their loved ones to feedback about the quality of health and social care they have received.

We're encouraging older people to feedback on their care, as research has shown that older people are far less likely to complain about services and are less aware of the ways they can share their views.  As part of the campaign, we've spoken with older people and their loved ones about their experiences of care - good and bad - and their experiences will be at the centre of our campaign.

We hope that these stories will encourage more people to share their experiences with CQC.  Our inspectors can't be everywhere at once and their information will help our inspectors decide when, where and what service to inspect and it could stop poor care from happening to someone else in the future.  We're using a variety of communication channels, including posters and social media, to reach older people and their loved ones.  We're hoping to encourage more members of the public to share their experiences but we need your support to reach people in your community.

What we are asking from you

We're asking for a commitment to help raise awareness of how important it is for older people and their loved ones to feedback on care for older people.

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