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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle

I've just worked out that if I had been born on 29 February I would only be 14 years old, so I would have been writing this blog in my maths lesson!

I've come across some really interesting articles, blogs and information this month and I just hope that you find them the same.  I'll begin by telling you about this article I found on the BBC website about a remarkable young woman called Hannah Sampson who achieved her dream of becoming a professional dancer despite the barriers she has faced in her life.  I think the word i'm looking for is "inspirational".

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you think no one is listening and then somebody does!  This is an interesting story about how a grandmother contacted a large retailer about practical support for her grandson.  It's a really good example of the quote 'shy bairns get nay broth! Asda, Tesco etc take note!

As you may be aware, we support people with a diagnosis of dementia, their Carers and friends through our 'In Your Dreams' service.  When we were carrying out some research we came across an app called 'MindMate' which is an interactive tool for both the person with dementia and their Carers.  Unfortunately, it is only available through Apple at the moment however, the designers are looking ro produce an Android version soon.  The good news is that it is FREE to download!

Whilst on the theme of digital technology, please check out an App called 'Brain in Hand' which has been designed to support people with Autism (amongst others) who may become anxious in social situations.  On feature is the ability to have instant access to pre-planned coping strategies - check it out

Do you remember a duo called 'Salt n Peppa' from the early Nineties?  They had a hit with the song - 'Let's Talk About Sex'. Well - 'sex and disability was once regarded as a taboo subject, but is now being spoken of more often.  Comedian Romina Puma, who has muscular dystrophy, says disabled people's right to sex should not be ignored'

Ok, it's time for our joke -

Boss: "This is the third time you've been late for work this week.  Do you know what that means?" Me: "That it's only Wednesday?"

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed, see you next month!

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