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Kooth & Qwell Newsletter March 22

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Hello everyone, welcome to your March 2022 Kooth & Qwell Newsletter!

We provide free Kooth & Qwell training/information sessions in both digital and face to face settings as well as free promotional material (cards/posters/flyers). For example:

Parents & Carers

We love talking to parent carers as we know Kooth can be a fantastic source of support for their children or someone they care and Qwell to support with their own wellbeing. We would love to hear from any organisations or services who work with a group of parents and/or carers that would benefit from finding out more about and You can also help us by sharing information about Kooth and Qwell in newsletters or on social media.

Primary School Transition Sessions (Year 6)

We know that the big move to secondary school is an anxious time for year 6 so to help them prepare our team have a fantastic free awareness session designed to help them explore their feelings and think about ways to help them feel calm, in the lead up to and during those first few weeks of year 7.

Early bookings are now open. These face-to-face sessions are subject to limited availability however all schools will still be offered an opportunity to join a virtual awareness event as an alternative nearer the time. To find out more and to book your free place please email Jemma Austinl - County Durham or Andrew Poinen - Darlington and Tees Valley.

Upcoming Events

An Introduction to Qwell - County Durham & Tees Valley

'What's On Your Mind Campaign' How Kooth & Qwell Can Support Universities


Kooth and Qwell - Supporting Mental Health Pathways

22nd March

3.30pm - 4.30pm

Via Zoom

Register HERE

10th March


Via Zoom

Register HERE


*Read more about our ‘What’s on your mind’ campaign below.

5th April


7th April


Via Zoom

Register HERE


University ‘What’s On Your Mind’ Campaign


The 3rd March 2022 is ‘University Mental Health Day’. This year we’re relaunching our ‘What’s on Your Mind’ campaign designed for university students providing them with an easy-to-use tool which helps them check which support is available for them at Kooth Digital Health.


We offer support either through or depending on their age. With this being so varied from area to area we want to make it easier for students to check for support as well as for universities who would like to promote our support within communications. You can use this campaign on the day and beyond by taking advantage of our professionally designed assets and resources here.


Read more information HERE

See Student Landing Page here -


Kooth - What’s On This Month?

Our brilliant team at Kooth have created a programme of podcasts & live forums to explore throughout March 2022.


Support packs for education staff, workplaces and students


In case you missed it last month, our fantastic team at Kooth Digital Health have produced brand new guides providing education staff, workplaces and students with the information, tips and resources they need in the event of a significant incident which may then have an impact on young people’s mental health but also those involved in the incident.


Education staff under 18’s - here

Students under 18 - here

Students 18+ – here


Upcoming Key Dates & Supporting Social Media Copy


Eating Disorders Awareness Week

28th Feb- 6th March

Eating disorders impact around 1.25 million people in the UK.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by an

eating disorder, support is available at [Kooth/Qwell] or @beatED.



Self Injury Awareness Day

1st March

Self harm affects so many people in the UK, yet it can be an experience that not everyone feels able to talk about or seek help for.

Access free and anonymous support at []



University MH day

3rd March

It's #UniversityMentalHealthDay.

Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing can be challenging at times. If you or a friend are struggling, help is available.

Instantly find out what support is available to you by visiting #WOYM


International Women's Day

1 in 5 women experience mental health issues.

It’s time to talk this #InternationalWomensDay.

Find the support you or a loved one may need on [kooth or qwell].

Go to [insert link] Kooth link - / or Qwell link



Trans Visibility Day

31st March

Trans rights are human rights!


Find support and resources this #TransVisibilityDay at [Kooth/Qwell]




Take Care,

Georgie, Jemma & Andrew (Engagement Leads)

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