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UPDATED* Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle!

Eagle soaring in the sky

We would like to start our blog by wishing our readers, partners, stakeholders and friends a Happy and Healthy 2022!

A shorter blog than usual to start the New Year as a result of relaxing and sleeping for most of the holiday period!

Our invitation to speak to the Audit & Governance Committee about the aims and objectives of CLIP (Community Led Inclusion Partnership) and the Social Model of Disability just before Christmas was well received.  We have been invited to work in partnership with the Committee in taking forward their investigation into accessibility issues in the town – a great step forward.

I just love these links.  The first is about Leo and how he now has his own voice (something we’ve been advocating for years) and the simple, but brilliant idea of gig buddies to support people to attend concerts etc!

Just a little bit about us before we go:

As registered #CovidCommunityChampions we post regular updates of the latest guidance on our social media pages.

Our ‘Blue DICE’ service, in partnership with the Community Hubs continues to achieve great outcomes for the people attending. Keep an eye on our social media pages for our latest drop-in sessions, pop along, meet the team and enjoy a cuppa in the newly opened #ChattyCafe

Please remember we manage the and identify appropriate and timely advocacy support to people who meet the eligibility criteria.

Continuing the New Year theme, Incontrol-able are launching a new choir. It will be held and Community Hub South, on Monday's 10am -12 noon. Incontrol-able is a disability led service. The choir will be for men and women 18+ and for all abilities. There is disabled access for those who may need it. For further information please contact Ronnie at Life is about trying new experiences and making memories, so what better way to start 2022!

Joke of the Month: Somebody just threw a jar of mayonnaise at me – I was like ‘what the Hellman!’

My wings are aching, the eagle has landed – see you next month!

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