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Hartlepool-based Job Opportunity - Young Person's Social Prescribing Link Worker

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Link Worker Job Opportunity

August 2021

Link Worker (Social Prescribing) for Young People
Job Description and Person Specification

What is Young Person's Social Prescribing?

Link Worker (Social Prescribing)
Job Description and Person Specification

  1. Job purpose

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the mental health of the nation’s young people. Hartlepool, unfortunately, is no exception. The PFC Trust, working with partners, are seeking to address these issues faced by young people through the employment of a Link Worker.

The Link Worker will support young people aged 11-18 years who are experiencing some level of emotional distress, social isolation, disconnection or disorientation as a consequence of the pandemic through “social prescribing”. This approach involves building a relationship with a young person based on a mutual trust and understanding, establishing what is going on in their life, exploring their likes and interests in order to then connect the individual to one or more of the rich, diverse social, sporting & educational opportunities available to young people in Hartlepool. The young person is supported every step of the way, always with the goal of addressing the issues they face and helping them towards reaching their full potential.

  1. Job roles

The role of the Link Worker (Social Prescribing) is to:

  • Receive referrals from multiple organisations which provide support/activities/education for young people.
  • Meet with young people in a setting of their choice.
  • Following rapport-building, connect a young person referred for a “social prescription” to one or more organisations.
  • Where necessary, support the young person to engage with the organisation/s.
  • Periodically follow up with the young person on the benefits of the social prescription.

The Link Worker (Social Prescribing) will also:

  • Have a knowledge of, and ability to work to, policies and procedures, including confidentiality, safeguarding, lone working, information governance and health and safety.
  • Maintain digital systems with up-to-date information about providers of services/activities for young people.
  • Consult and gather feedback from young people.
  • Periodically engage with a multi-agency network of organisations working collaboratively to deliver social prescribing activities for young people.

  1. Person specification

The five capacities required are:

  • Interpersonal & communication skills (verbal & written) – the postholder/s will need to form strong relationships with young people in a way that inspires trust and confidence, motivating young people to reach their full potential. An ability to actively listen, provide person-centred support in a non-judgemental way. The postholder/s will also need to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with their families, carers, community groups & other organisations.
  • Ability to network – have a working knowledge of both statutory and voluntary & community provision for young people and the ability to develop trusting working relationships with these organisations.
  • Commitment to equality and social inclusion
  • Highly organised & attentive to details – ability to manage a work/case load effectively.
  • Creativity – can overcome obstacles and deal with a range of variables.
  • Enthusiasm and optimism

  1. Qualifications and professional development

Level 3 or above in Youth Work or equivalent or currently undertaking a level 3 or above qualification in Youth Work or equivalent. Also, to demonstrate a commitment to professional and personal development.

  1. Management & accountability

There will be two components to management of the post:

  1. Strategic management

This post/s is/are funded jointly by HBC and Tees, Esk and Wear Valley’s NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) and represents their commitment to supporting people whose mental health has been negatively affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.
A small steering group of the PFC Trust, HBC Youth Services, West View Project, Hartlepower & Hartlepool & Stockton Health (HASH) will oversee this project. These organisations, alongside others, collectively represent the Hartlepool Healthy Communities Network, a group dedicated to the supporting and developing healthy environments in which people of all ages can prosper.

  1. Daily management & support

The postholder/s will be based with the Targeted Team of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Youth Service. The postholder/s will receive daily management and support from the Targeted Youth Work Lead.

  1. Employer, location and practical requirements

The PFC Trust will employ the postholder/s. The postholder/s will be based with Hartlepool Borough Council’s Targeted Youth Work Team at the Windsor offices in Hartlepool. However, a good proportion of the post-holder’s time will be spent within the Hartlepool community.

  1. Contractual & financial

Contract and hours
12 month contract initially – 37 hours per week or 2 x 18.5 hour posts if job sharing

Annual salary £21,439 (pro rata for job sharing)

The PFC Trust will contribute 3% of salary as per statutory obligation.

Capacity for independent travel
The post-holder/s will be expected to travel extensively throughout Hartlepool & further afield as necessary. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

  1. Training requirements

The post-holder will be expected to attend professional development training as necessary.

A copy of this Job Description and Person Specification can be downloaded here:
| PDF format | MS Word format |

A copy of the application form can be downloaded here:
| PDF format | MS Word format |
Large text versions can be supplied on demand.

Once you have completed this form, please email it to

If you would like to informally discuss anything about the post,please contact Sarah McCluskey from Hartlepool Youth Service on 01429 523966.


What is Young Person's Social Prescribing?

There are 10 social prescribing link workers across Hartlepool & Stockton, these are based in GP surgeries and they connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Social prescribing works for a wide range of people, including people:

  • with one or more long-term conditions
  • who need support with their mental health
  • who are lonely or isolated
  • who have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing.

When social prescribing works well, people can be easily referred to link workers from a wide range of local agencies, including general practice, pharmacies, multi-disciplinary teams, hospital discharge teams, allied health professionals, fire service, police, job centres, social care services, housing associations and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations. Self-referral is also encouraged.

More comprehensive information on Social Prescribing can be found here.

The Healthy Communities Network have worked with national charity StreetGames to draft a proposal to the Hartlepool Borough Council and TEWV resilience funding for a link worker to be appointed exclusively for young people in Hartlepool. We have also got a proposal in with the Hartlepool Primary Care Networks for an additional link worker.

Hartlepool Sport have pledged a small 'activities fund' that will cover some of the cost for those referred through the social prescribing team.

Referral Ready Organisations
The Social Prescribing model is here to stay so we are keen to support local sports clubs and providers to be 'referral ready', to continue to play our part in the local health and wellbeing landscape.

We can offer support around safeguarding policies and procedures, best practice and CPD courses around (for example) Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs), County Lines and long term health conditions.

Just join one of our Club Network meetings to discuss your specific needs or email us at

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