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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle!

It’s August, the sun is shining (well, somewhere) and people are enjoying their summer holidays.  We just hope you can spare a few moments to read our Blog!

We have a real mix of stories for you again this month, some disappointing, some inspiring.  Let’s start with the not so good and move swiftly on!

Check this out, it fits in the ‘you couldn’t make it up’ category!  A taxi driver in London took it upon himself to drive off with a passenger’s wheelchair in the boot of his car because he made a judgement call, but it wasn’t a very good one!

Well, after around a 10 year wait the government finally released their long-awaited Disability Strategy.  There are already complaints that they didn’t carry out a proper consultation with Disabled People and Organisations and to be honest, I don’t recall being contacted either personally, or through Incontrol-able for our thoughts.  I suppose only time will tell, but until people really start listening to our thoughts and lived experiences, then there will be yet another ‘strategy’ further down the line!

Ross Willock who lives in Scotland, shares his experiences of the impact the pandemic has had on his life in terms of Accessibility in his Blog.  Maybe Boris should have had a chat with him first!

OK, it’s time to move on to happier stories!

I just love this!  Have you heard of ‘weareundefeatable’?  To be honest, I hadn’t until recently, but it really is a fantastic and easy way of getting into exercise routines for people with disabilities and/or long-term conditions, by doing things that you are able to do.  A simple idea, but they are usually the best ones!  Finding a wasp in the car works for me! 

If you missed it the first time round, check out the ‘Frank Gardner Story - ‘Being Frank . It touches on the old question of ‘having abilities/experiences taken away from you, as opposed to never having them’?  It’s available on the BBC iPlayer for the next three months, well worth a watch.

Here are three stories that evidence the amazing difference that technology can have on the lives of Disabled People to carry out daily tasks that non-disabled people do every day without thinking (well, perhaps not the first one!).

Sam Shmidt is paralysed from the shoulders down as a result of a racing accident in 2000, he is now driving round the Goodwood Festival track at speeds of 200 miles per hour, using only head and breath movements – amazing!  His car makes mine look like the one that Fred Flinstone drove around Bedrock!

Freespeech is a FREE App designed by 16 year old Archer to enable him to communicate with his sister, Della.  An inspiring story that hopefully will promote the use of the App by more people, families and professionals.

Bar Codes and QR codes to enable visually impaired people to have a better shopping experience are being trialled by Kellogg’s. Using colours, the App provides product information for customers in an accessible format and is already being used the New York metro system. Fantastic!

We now take the opportunity to use our blog to keep you informed and updated about our services and our involvement in the community: -

Did you know we are registered as #CovidCommunityChampions and we post regular updates of the latest guidance on our social media pages?

We launched our new service ‘Blue DICE’ on the 17th May in partnership with the Community Hubs.  As part of the initiative, we will be loaning ‘tablets’ to a care home in the town to enable residents to sign up to the ‘Borrow Box’ service and access eBooks and eAudioBooks. Remember, signing up to Borrow Box is quite easy and once you’ve downloaded a book in the format you want, then you don’t need access to the internet to read, or listen to it – so sign up, access the free internet in the Central Hub and enjoy your book wherever you want!  From this month we hope to have a greater presence in the Central Hub and we will add times/dates to the Hartlepool Now Calendar going forward.

Please remember we manage the and identify appropriate and timely advocacy support to people who meet the eligibility criteria.

Here at Incontrol-able, we are proud to be part of CLIP and our aim to make Hartlepool a more inclusive place to live, work and visit.  They are carrying out a survey this month and I encourage people to participate – it’s an opportunity to make a difference.  Get your voice heard, don’t be forgotten, support CLIP and remember #OneCommunityAThousandVoices

CLIP have also recruited a new ‘Inclusion Lead’ and further information will be in next month’s Blog.

Joke of the Month: I swallowed a bottle of invisible ink.  I’ve been waiting in A&E for four hours waiting for someone to see me!

My wings are aching, the eagle has landed – see you next month!


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