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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle!

Where did April go? It doesn't seem 5 minutes but here we are again in a new month and hopefully with lots of useful links and information for you to digest and share?

This piece actually came out last month as it was Stress Awareness Month, but it was published too late to add to our last blog. The article is aimed at young people; however, the message is the same no matter your age and to be honest, every month could be stress awareness month! I recommend you spend a few minutes looking at this article about how you can change habits in 30 days and the ideas and suggestions it puts forward.  Hopefully, some of the tips and suggestions may work for you!

How can a story be both positive and negative at the same time? This article is about the positive impact that being in employment has on the lives of people with learning disabilities, notably people with Downs Syndrome. The negative impact is the low number of people with learning disabilities who are actually in employment of 16 hours, or more.  To raise awareness, Sting has written a song that has been viewed more than 3,000,000 times on social media.

Here is a link to a podcast about a remarkable lady called Grace, who has a remarkable story to tell.  It’s about how your life can change in a split-second.  She tells her story with humour and strength and for anyone who wants a real insight into the social model of disability, then it really is a ‘must listen’’ piece.  You may have to sign into the BBC website to hear her story.

It is really strange how stories come out each month that actually link to another one!  Here, Sarah talks about the barriers she has faced and continues to face as a person with a disability and who is also a health professional.

Well, it has been a while, but the old Blue Badge parking issue has raised its head again!  The article in the Hartlepool Mail is about a lady visiting the Marina and ending up with a parking ticket. Now back in the day when I was a regular visitor to Glasgow, you didn’t need the clock in your car because in Scotland they take the common-sense approach that you don’t only have your disability for a couple of hours!!

Now, you know how I was saying that stories in the blog seem to link every month, well here is another example!  Only last week it was announced by the University Hospital of Hartlepool that Blue Badge holders are now one of three groups who are exempt from parking charges when visiting the hospital. Northwest Parking Management please take note!!

Here at Incontrol-able, we are proud to be part of CLIP and our aim to make Hartlepool a more inclusive place to live, work and visit.  As an example, CLIP contacted a local organisation who produced a fantastic promotional video in British Sign Language. Please check it out as we approach Deaf Awareness Week 4th – 9th May.

We will be launching our new service ‘Blue DICE’ on the 17th May in partnership with the Community Hubs.  As part of the initiative, we will be loaning ‘tablets’ to a care home in the town to enable residents to sign up to the ‘Borrow Box’ service and access eBooks and eAudioBooks.

Finally, I will keep this story short and sweet, it is about the impact that a random act of kindness can have on people!

Joke of the Month: What did the Buddhist say the Hot Dog Vendor?  Make me One with everything!

My wings are aching, the eagle has landed – see you next month!

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