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Hartlepool Action Lab Newsletter

Hartlepool Action Lab's most recent newsletter April 2021 which contains some exciting developments across the town. 

Creating Stronger Neighbourhoods.



Work in our Stronger Neighbourhood's project is ongoing and Caroline Robinson is now in post as Community Cohesion Officer. This post is funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the work will help to bring out the best of the community in and around the Cornwall Street area of Hartlepool.




Social Action Leaders



We are still looking to recruit more leaders. See the poster above for information on how to get involved. If you work with someone who is making a difference in their community or would like to set up a project. Get in touch with us and see if a SAL project could be of benefit to them.




Hartlepool Food Council - The Bread and Butter Thing

The Hartlepool Food COuncil's acquisition, handling, and storage of 50,000 pies were featured in the Hartlepool Mail recently here. The town-wide collaboration from the HFC is a great example of just what can be achieved when we pool our resources and work together. This work has also led to The Bread and Butter Thing working in our town. Where people can purchase £30 of shopping for £8, providing dignity in a purchase and helping anyone currently facing hardship to access healthy food items.

Hartlepool Food Council has a lot of plans to drive the message of fighting food waste and enhancing the dietary intake of the people of our town. Julie Collin is now in post as Food Co-ordinator for the council and is stationed at The Energy Hub in Stranton. Watch out for lots more positive news stories coming from this ongoing work.




Get Connected

The team at Hartlepower is now ready to go with their offer of a broadband package. Prices are shown in the poster below.

Get Connected has already created some local jobs and will continue to do so as the network grows. There is no commitment to long-term contracts and customers can pay on a weekly basis if needed. This will enable more people to get connected and enhance their prospects.





APLE Collective wins UK Parliamentary Award 2021




As members of the APLE collective, we have been campaigning for digital access to be seen as a gateway to human rights. We have campaigned that digital access should be categorised in the same way as energy, as it is just as vital to a household in these unprecedented times.

We have worked to link the voices of lived experience to the ears of those who sit in a position of power to create lasting change. Our work has been recognised recently as we were awarded the 2021 UK Parliamentary Award for Digital Campaigner of the year.

If anyone would like to work with us as a member of the APLE collective, please get in touch. If you know of anyone who has lived experience of poverty, and who would like to amplify their voice onto a national forum, we would love to hear from you. We have access to funds to provide laptops or tablets to a person, ensuring that they can attend our weekly meetings and contribute to our campaigns and communications.

We will also be speaking at the APLE collective webinar on the 23rd of April 10-12pm. If you would like to attend the webinar you can book a ticket for the virtual event through eventbrite by clicking here. See the flyer below for more details.


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