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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle!

Happy New Year!!  Take in a big, deep breath.  Phew, at last, 2020 has gone and it's time to move on.  We are certainly going to do that here at Incontrol-able with a new base, website and way of working!  Granted, the new base isn’t confirmed, the website isn’t ready, but the intent to make a real change is certainly here!  Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

So, why the big changes you might ask?  Well, some are financial, some are practical, but the main reason is that we recognise that the World, including Hartlepool, is a vastly different place and we have to be ready to adapt and change too.  Will we still be managing the Hartlepool Advocacy Hub – yes; will we still be supporting people with digital inclusion – yes; will we still be representing the voice of Disabled People in our town – most definitely!

So, what is different you may ask?  Well, we will be more active and accessible in the community, we will be working in partnership more than ever before and as always, we will endeavour to create new services and projects that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Are we scared – you’d better believe it! Anyway, let’s get on with the blog!

Let’s start the New Year with a positive article from Lucy as she talks about how she has succeeded in the world of digital technology; despite the personal barriers she faces.  Fascinating stuff and I picked up a few tips and ideas on the way!

Whilst still on the theme of technology, this article from Lucy Edwards on how a mobile phone can assist visually impaired people to maintain social distancing is amazing.

Here’s a question for you – when is an internet troll, not an internet troll?  Answer - when the troll understands!  Check out this short clip from The Graham Norton Show where he is chatting with Michael J Fox, star of the Back to the Future films who has Parkinson’s Disease and the question I asked will hopefully make more sense.

Here is a really interesting article about Judy Huemann, a Disability Activist who led an historic 24 day sit-in.  Her journey is fascinating, sad and inspiring at the same time.  In a recent Zoom meeting, I was referred to as a ‘disability activist’ and to be honest, it is a term I had never associated myself with, but on reflection, maybe I am?  I’ve always challenged negative attitudes, discrimination, inequality and stereotyping on a personal level, but this extended to creating an organisation that challenges negative attitudes, discrimination, inequality and stereotyping!  So, watch out, maybe I/We will be a little more ‘Judy’ from now on; but please don’t expect an apology!  You might even start seeing #ALittleMoreJudy in our tweets!

Joke of the Month:  A couple of my mates are having a joint party for Chinese New Year and Burns Night.  It’s called Chinese-Burns Night. I didn’t want to go, but they twisted my arm!

My wings are aching, the eagle has landed – see you next month!

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