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National polling carried out by the National Pharmacy Association in June found that there is strong public support for a greater role for pharmacies within the NHS.

74% want pharmacies to provide more NHS services.

89% of people believe pharmacies play an essential role.

Pharmacies are the most visited of all settings where NHS care is offered. Community pharmacies provide a range of NHS services and pharmacy teams work with other professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to give you the best possible care as part of the local healthcare team. During the coronavirus pandemic, pharmacies have been on the NHS frontline, working long hours and providing a vital service to communities up and down the country. You can talk to your pharmacist about a wide range of health and healthcare issues, not just about medicines. Sometimes people go to a doctor or even a hospital for problems that could be sorted out more conveniently at the pharmacy. It’s estimated that up to 18 million GP appointments per year and 3.7 million A&E visits could instead be handled in a pharmacy.

Remember to Ask Your Pharmacist for: 

Advice and treatment for minor illnesses such as coughs, colds and earache 

Advice on staying well and preventing disease 

Support to maintain good sexual health 

Help to quit smoking 

Personalised support to get the most from your medicines

Please make the most of the prompt, professional health care advice available to you at your local pharmacy. We are proud to be part of the NHS team and privileged to be able to serve our community.

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