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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle!

As you may be aware, Incontrol-able recently celebrated our 12th birthday as a Disabled Peoples User Led Organisation. We have been delivering services that hopefully continue to have a positive impact on the lives of disabled people, both in the town and locally and we would like to thank all stakeholders, volunteers and friends for your support over the last 12 years. You can access the video we produced on our Facebook page and it also provides an update on the services we provide. 

Can you imagine how nervous you would be when going to take your driving theory test, only to find out the venue does not have wheelchair access? This is what happened to Sam when he went for his. I must have made this comment 100 times when doing our blog, but honestly ‘you couldn’t make it up’!  Unfortunately, the article does not let you know if Sam passed his test, or not!  

In this article, Kiana talks about the impact of working from home as an employment opportunity, as a result off the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She makes some really valid points in relation to the positive and negative aspects of working from home and routes to employment. The part that struck me most was when she speaks of her concerns around this option. 

In this news article, Chris Choi talks to some Disabled People about their experiences of COVID-19 and the shocking statistics coming out now as a result of the pandemic and how it is being managed.  The importance of accessible, accurate and timely local information is a key theme. 

As a wheelchair user, I can really emphasise with the difficulties faced by Emma and others in trying to find accessible and affordable properties. The impact of living somewhere that isn’t accessible for your needs, both financially and emotionally is enormous.  Not surprisingly, the article discusses the additional costs of living with a physical impairment and it reminded me of when I was younger and I couldn’t arrange a holiday on ‘Oracle’ on the telly (giving my age away now!), because they never mentioned access for the hotels, so obviously holidays cost more – there, rant over! 

Now for something completely different, as the old saying goes!  Celebrating Change is a digital storytelling project led by writer Kirsten Luckins (Hartlepool) and filmmaker Laura Degnan (Middlesbrough). Their aim is to bring together people from all over Teesside who are experiencing isolation, and give them the creative writing and film-making skills to tell their own stories in powerful words and images. 


Now in its third year, thanks to funding from Arts Council England and local sponsors, Celebrating Change has become an entirely online affair. Captioned videos of the filmmaking tutorial sessions are available to anyone via their Facebook Group. The writing zooms are open to anyone, and will also be accessible all year as video resources on Facebook. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your experiences in a really creative way. 


Make a date in your diary for Tuesday 3rd November, aka ‘Purple Tuesday’ campaign as an opportunity to raise awareness of the customer experience and spending power of Disabled People.  The website provides loads of information on how to get involved. 

Finally, as we sit in Tier 2 of a local lockdown, it can all feel a little overwhelming sometimes and maybe you just need some time to gather your thoughts and emotions.  ‘Every Mind Matters’ is a brilliant tool to access advice and guidance around your emotional well-being, the only thing I recommend is that you answer the five simple questions honestly, as it will then direct you to the most appropriate guidance.  Hope it helps? 

Joke of the Month: I’ve just found a box of fish fingers in the street.  Oh well, Findus Keepers 

My wings are aching, the eagle has landed – see you next month. 

Please note: The content in this article is over one year old, there may be newer guidance available.

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