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Middleton Grange launches counterterrorism training workshop

Middleton Grange and Counter Terrorism Policing North East have teamed up this New Year to launch a free course for shopping centre customers that will offer advice on how to tackle such threats in the community. 

Taking place on Saturday 1 February, the workshop has been created specifically for the general public by the counterterrorism officers.  It will give Hartlepool shoppers guidance on how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour, how to mitigate against current terrorist methodology as well as information on what to do if individuals find themselves in a major incident. 

Mark Rycraft , Middleton Grange Shopping Centre manager, said: "As a central hub of Hartlepool community, it's our responsibility to ensure the safety of our visitors is paramount.  By working in partnership with Counter Terrorism Policing to deliver a dedicated training session at the centre for the public - which is the first of its kind in the UK - then we are untimately helping people feel secure in their own community. 

"Above all we want this to improve general awareness as well as convey a greater understanding of what counter terrorism is and the methods in which to combat such risks." 

Counter Terrorism Policing is a collaboration of UK police forces working with the UK intelligence community to help protect the public and national security by preventing, deterring and investigating terrorist activity. 

Originally launched in April 2018 for businesses and those working in crowded places, more than 350,000 people have taken part in the training, with nine of 10 users saying they would recommend it. 

Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police Lisa Orchard said: "It is fantastic to see local businesses supporting the community in this way.  Everyone can do their part to help keep our local community safe by becoming a CT Citizen.  Understanding how to make a report if you're concerned about something you've seen online or within your communities, and knowing what to do in the unlikely event you're caught up in an incident. 

"The threat level remains at Substantial meaning an attack is likely.  The Act-E-Learning training gives everyone the chance to be the extra eyes and ears we need in our continued effort to keep our communities safe. 

"Many incidents have been prevented by diligent members of the public."

For more information on how to take part in the Middleton Grange's counter-terrorism training course in partnership with Counter Terrorism Policing, please visit 

The sessions will be taking place on Saturday 1 February and will start at 9am, running every 1 and a half hours until 5:30pm. 

Issued on behalf of Middleton Grange by Bewonder*.  For further information, please contact Jane Clark on 0113 243 5232 or email 

Please note: The content in this article is over one year old, there may be newer guidance available.

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