created by Incontrol-able published on 01 October 2015

It’s nearly October, it’s 18 degrees outside, the radiator in the office is on full blast and we can’t turn it off because they are waiting for a part and the clocks go back in a couple of weeks!

The reason I mentioned the changeable weather is because it is time for your Flu Jab if you meet the criteria? If you are a Carer, or someone who supports a person with a Learning Disability you may find this link to an Easy Read publication about the Flu Jab useful.

I came across this blog called ‘Understanding Disability’ which offers a unique insight into the world of people with disabilities and provides an interesting statistic for people who do not have a disability.

Did you know that mental health issues are one of the least promoted illnesses in the public eye?  I came across this excellent video while attending a recent Mental Health awareness session that provides an insight into the thoughts and feelings of a person experiencing depression. I highly recommend it and hope that you share it with people you know.

Within this blog I always try to provide Information on a wide range of subjects and links and I came across this Facebook page that provides up to date news for people from the Deaf Community.  The majority of the links have British Sign Language videos.

The majority of disabled people face barriers when attending not just sporting events, but theatres, concerts etc, when visiting stadiums. This new report provides advice and guidance on how to plan your day, but also gives an insight into what should be provided within the stadium you are visiting.

In the news earlier this month you may have seen how changes to employment law in relation to travel time for staff has changed? These changes may impact on you if you either employ your own staff, or use an agency and I have attached an article form the BBC website that provides an overview to the changes.

If you have an interest as to how the new Centre for Independent Living is coming along you can ‘Follow the Build’ on the following link.

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed, see you next month!

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