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STAGS Stand Together

Men don't Cry! Men don't talk! Man up! Get over it! Pull yourself together!

All things men hear all the time. Men are supposed to be strong and not show emotion, but we do. Maybe not to you and maybe not noticeably, but we do.

STAGS is a group where we can share our stories, advice and experiences without judgment.
A group run for men with mental health issues, men who are feeling lonely and men who are just feeling a bit low.

We won't judge, we won't turn you away no matter what the circumstances are.

Maybe you just don't know what's wrong but you’re just not yourself, then you can call us home.

I want to create a space where men can get together, talk and get involved with activities that break the cycle of everyday life.

A place where you can be yourself without the stigma attached to male mental health, a place where you leave your coat at the door and enter the room an equal regardless of your job, background, race or religion.

We are meeting every Thursday evening at Rift House Community Centre from 6.45-9.00pm, come along and join us for a chat over a coffee.

To find out more please call in, or call 07935 152 839.



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