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It’s been another busy month for our group, we purchased some artificial grass to enable us to play indoor bowls as a friend had donated at least 6 sets of bowls. The group have had the opportunity to play several games, which was tremendous fun and brilliant to see so many getting involved.

A members sister donated a large amount of craft material, which we have started to use in preparation of our Christmas craft stall (date to be arranged).

We have had two sessions at Larry’s Lane, which was financed and supported by Ground Works. The sessions have been warmly welcomed by the group; each group member thoroughly enjoyed the session. A Thank You card has been purchased and will be given to Larry’s Lane staff at next week’s session as their support is commendable, they significantly support the group sessions.

As part of the monthly session at Mill House this week we all actively took part in a 15 minute exercise class with Pricilla, which the group gave positive feedback on and requested the exercise session to be part of the monthly class. We had a good turnout of group members and were pleased that Lorraine came along to see how valuable the sessions were to our group.

John and I went along to the Art Gallery for an afternoon looking and discussing the many artefacts they have with Ashley Landsbury, which was very interesting and enjoyable. I have requested to be added to the gallery’s mailing list so that we are kept informed of future sessions which the group may be interested in.

Thank you all for your valuable support, much appreciated.

If you would like more information on our group please email or

Telephone The Bridge Dementia Advisory service on 01429 868587

September 30th 2019

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