created by Rachel Hogg published on 11 September 2015

You might have seen the recent article in the Hartlepool Mail "Work progressing on £4million Hartlepool disasbility centre" (Friday 28th August 2015) which gave some details of how the Council and its Building partner (Gus Robinson developments) have started the work on the project and how we also want to keep people informed of the build progress.

After some initial site clearance work, the next phase of the build is going to involve more ground/earth works and also the laying of the building foundations.  This will result in a lot of noise and disruption for some day service users who are supported at the Havelock Centre.

In order to minimise the impact of the build on service users, over the new few months some people will be receiving their care and support at alternative venues including Burbank House Community Centre, Warren Road Dasy Centre and also Handprint Art Studios.  We will begin to relocate the day service to these buildings from Monday 21st September.

We will of course ensure that we have all the facilities and support in place ahead of the the relocation of the day service, and also if appropriate we will be informing you of any changes to transport pick up and drop off times before 21st September 2015.

I can assure you that it will still be the same staff who will be providing care and support for people and obviously the day service will also still provide the same activities, but we will be using different buildings in the short term. 

I have asked members of the day services staff team to contact all Parents and Carer's on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September to discuss individual arrangements and also to respond to any particular issues or concerns that you may have.

In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns about the issues raised in this letter, then please feel free to contact any member of the day services management team on 01429 264661 or you can contact Chris Horn, Team Manager-Provider Services directly on 01429 851371.

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