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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle!

We were absolutely delighted to relaunch our amazing Project 65 last month after securing funding for the next two years.  We've already met some lovely people who have loaned our Tablets and we look forward to getting to know them better at our twice-weekly drop-ins here at the Centre for Independent Living.  To promote the #LoveHartlepool theme we've been asking people involved in our project about what they love about our town and received positive feedback about our parks, marina and 'community spirit'.

If you're interested in loaning a Tablet, or know someone who is, then please contact Julie and she will arrange to meet you and chat about this FREE service.  Our contact details are available from

Here is a lovely story about the friendship and selflessness between two school children in China.  A heart-warming story to share

I recently came across this video on Facebook about understanding depression.  It's very good, so please spare a few minutes of your time to watch it, it might help you, or someone you know and care about

It's really positive to see people from Hartlepool being promoted nationally and this is certainly the case regarding 25-year-old Jennie Berry from the town.  She has had the work she is carrying out about raising the profile of access issues being recognised by the BBC no less!  Check out her story via this link What do we love about Hartlepool?  It's got to be Jennie Berry!

So, whilst on the theme of access, here are two stories and articles that are linked, but you'll have to click on both to discover why? and   

Check out the five biggest things that people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions wish members of the general public knew about Autism.  It might just help you and/or the person you meet have an easier day!

Have you ever heard of 'Silent Solution?'  To be honest, neither had I until I came across this news story, but it could in an emergency situation actually save your life!  The article explains how pressing 55 when silently ringing 999 could ensure you get the help you need in an emergency

Do you know a Carer who should be recognised for the role they carry out?  Hartlepool Carers are giving Awards in the following areas to recognise the valuable work they carry out, so if you would like to nominate someone from the following categories, please contact Hartlepool Carers with your nomination:- Adult Carer of the Year, Young Adult Carer of the Year, Young Carer of the Year, Parent Carer of the Year, The Extra Mile Award (for paid care staff), Special Recognition Award 2019

Just a quick reminder about Dementia Action Week being held between Monday 20th and Sunday 26th May.  There are lots of activities going on throughout the town, so keep an eye on the Hartlepool Now website, or contact The Bridge, in Villiers Street for further information.

Joke of the Month!

A bear walks into a bar and says, 'I'd like a whiskey and........coke', the barman asks, 'why the big pause?' the bear replies 'I don't know, I was just born with them!'

The eagle has landed, see you when the website is back!!




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